Friday, 17 May 2013

Back in The Shit Pit

 Sorry if I have let you all down.
The FW has excelled himself.

I'm holding back from a meltdown.

I will try and explain later.

If I can be bothered.

If anyone cares.

I don't.


  1. Oh dear. Hope you manage to cool down soon

  2. I care honey - you can email me directly if you'd like to? Just leave me a comment on my blog which I won't publish and I'll email you my home email address. Hang on in there. xxx

    1. You are so sweet, thank you. I am considering the email thing. I am very bad in contacting people, it takes me 2 days to reply to a text message from a friend.
      I am hangin' on in, the kid will soon finish her exams, but then she will be home until college starts, biting my lip is increasing my blood pressure lol.
      Much love x


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