Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Diazepam mellow

This is just a quick (bombed out) post, as The FW has not paid the virgin bill and we may go offline at midnight.

I diazepamed up and wandered down to the dentist, dropping off prescription for increased blood pressure tabs on the way to collect after...have forgotten the blood test I should have had 2 weeks ago and am hoping to fit that in in the next few days (diazepam and emla for that little beauty my friends).  Aaanyhoo, I walked in and the lovely receptionist said, you are a week early. bugger.  So I explained the diazepam fug and she said that maybe if I came back in 30 mins I might get fitted in.  ok then.  so a pre-dentist trip to yarn shop down the road instead of post-trip.  I went in the door, sat down and said can I tell you a story.  They listened and giggled and sympathised and I bought yarn from the bargain bin (and it was 5% Shop Local day too yay).

I wandered back up the road trying to phone to make blood test appointment (no go) in case dentist could not see me as I didn't want to waste 15mg of fuzzy time.  Luckily I got in, and the dentist (the kindest, softest handed dentist in the entire universe I swear) and now I can wear my newish partial denture without pain, my teeth aren't too bad despite the neglect and I have a new fischer covering on the partially emerged wisdom tooth.  I have no pain and no fear.  This is Good.

I then wandered back down to the British Heart Foundation shop to browse furniture and take measurements for yarn/fabric storage bookshelf/cupboardy things.  (I have four chest of drawers in this bedroom and not one is perfect for bedside accoutrements or knicker drawer or sufficient toppage for all my crap. Sighing heavily now.  When it is finally finished and primped I will show 'after pics'.

As I walked in the front door I realised I had forgotten the blood pressure tabs. bum.

Tomorrow I am going horse visiting with pal and will also ask another pal if I can accompany her when she walks her little dog the loong way round, chatting all the way.  Leaving my little elderly, grumpy, stinky dog behind.  With Alf I basically stand there whilst he sniffs/scratches/scent marks every tree, leaf, blade of grass and gate post.  Exercise it is not.

Yesterday I had a telephone assessment with the guy from Southlands which is a place for severe depression and because I answered honestly I am now only mild and not suitable for them, but can go back to KCA.  I am confused and wept a bit but after a good chat I understand a little more and will contact KCA which is only 12 minutes walk from my house.  I explained what happened at the beginning of my perimenopause* and he is of the opinion that I have pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder.  Ok.  This makes sense and explains the 35 years of cyclical depression symptoms etc I have had.  About 35 years too late, but now I have a possible diagnosis.  Back to the GP soon and discuss.

Ok, it is cup of tea and nap time, after which I will wake up 'good to go' for animal feeding, dinner prep and the impossible task of finishing a cushion for horsey friend.

Love ya,

* severe menorrhagia for three months leading to anaemia,by the time I saw the consultant it had stopped on it's own - paranoid, moi?

Not sure about proper titles for /southlands/kca as it is so local, but I will find out and explain properly.


  1. Susan apart from saying thanks for my comment...I want you to know.... you are funny....actually made me laugh out loud re your 'FW' vs my 'toh'....11yr old had to leave xbox 'battle' to see if I was ok i was laughing so much!!!! thank you for that....I am 50 this year and so many things make more sense now.....Ps Of course i only look 18! and feel to you from me....Bestest
    Daisy j....
    PS Need more photos on your funny posts love them.....dont stop x

    1. Welcome my friend. Thank you for dipping your toe into my world. I have decided to write another blog MadMiniMe to cheer myself a little. It is the lighter, brighter side. At some point they may merge. I promise every time to add pics and then....don't.

      I am glad to make people laugh, it's the voices in my head make me do it!!


  2. Nice one Hun - you made me smile - I could just visualise your diaz-fug. Glad you popped into your lys - such a good pick me up especially the bargain bin - often visit mine just for a look to see if anything new has been added to said bin.

    Keep it up xx


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