Saturday, 12 January 2013

Feckin' Hormones

Sorry could not write anything for a while, there has been a major hormone swell this week.  This sucks my brain right out of my skull and couldn't have picked a worse time for this to happen.

Not to mention my son (who came off the citalopram too soon too quickly) having a massive dip as well.  Luckily he asked for help, went to docs and also told his boss and director who were very understanding and gave him a week of unpaid leave.  He is still in his induction period, but as he works in the caring field there is a lot of understanding, and praise too because he talked to them instead of just carrying on and then falling apart as so many others do.

I am feeling a mite better and able to function and be crochet creative too.  go me.

Bye for now,

from the slightly more hairy hobbit woman (bleh)

PS Son is feeling better now.

PPS there is a slight rumour (also my daughter saw him in his car drive in the gates) that a certain ex-Eastenders Mitchell brother has moved in at the bottom of my road (though why he would pick this crappy town I do not know, maybe he got a lot of house for his money).  That accounts for the very discreet and gorgeous works that has been going on at the loverly old house that I walk past sometimes.  I may become a stalker.


  1. PLEASE tell me it is my favourite, Ross Kemp? I just have a thing for bald men!!
    On the Citalopram front, I found it incredibly difficult to get off it...the side effects are horrible, but it is worth persevering with. x

  2. I couldn't possibly comment, as I have not seen with my own slightly myopic eyes! I hope so, as he was always my fave too. yum. To be fair he can be on the motorway in about 7-8 mins from his front gates, so that would explain a lot. This county is the favourite place to be for tv personalities lol.
    Much love and thanks for your support.


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