Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Bits and bobs.

Sorry about the delay, it is hard to be motivated to write (what, again, you say).

I am not keen on this inbetweeny time, the decs are still up but not appreciated.  I cannot wait to take them down.  I must photograph the tree 'tho as it looks pretty great. There are still bits and pieces hanging about that I really want to put away but can't be bothered. 

Next year is sorted as I went out last Thursday and got some half price cards and paper and a diary for 29p.  Today I had an unscheduled visit to town and ended up with two jacketty/cardigan things from the charity shop (a total of £6.50 woohoo) and some books because I cannot face reading another crime thriller (even though they have been my favourite for so long, maybe because the bad guy gets caught and justice prevails!!).

I have some crochet commissions that I cannot wait to start (have started lol) and have spent a fair bit on some yarn from the Netherlands, very gorgeous colours and spent over the budget, what the hell.  Just after that my laptop charger started playing up and I shall have to buy another cheapo. bugger.  And the battery only has about an hour charge on it, so I must budget for that too.

I am a little concerned about middle son, he is drooping a bit and considering going back on citalopram and is also still suffering from this really bad sore throat/cold/cough.  He is not usually ill but this has been nearly three weeks.  It is dragging him down.

 My eldest is still working on his scholarship and it seems cannot wait to move out if he gets it.  He is the least able to live in the real world.  Although he is super-clever he cannot seem to be able to cook, remember to get up in the morning and has no concept of time.  I have worried about this but maybe I have to learn to let things go.  I will try.

We are going to visit MiL and Fil tomorrow and daughter coming too as she hasn't seen them for a very long time.

Have not heard from BF even though I text everyone with New Year wishes (some even replied).  When I do phone her (yes I know!) there will be a good reason why she hasn't phoned, some family disaster or illness.  Genuine as well, 'tho she doesn't feel the need to tell me when it is happening so I can help, or listen at the time.   She is ok to tell me later and then I feel guilty about not being clairvoyant and phoning earlier.

Also had a very unexpected text from my oldest brother. I have not spoken to him in about a year.  He only lives about 40mins away but it seems like Outer Mongolia.  I suspect it was a New Year greeting to everyone in his phone book even though it has not happened before.  I have not replied yet.  This is rude I know but I can't deal with stuff at the moment.

I had some super little gifts from friends (I love them).  There is also a realisation that I cannot eat too many nuts and chocolate any more, as it gives me pain in my gallbladder (I think) area.  I suspect that my super large bar of favourite choc will last many many weeks. Which is a good thing as I need to lose some weight.

On middle son's birthday we went to see The Hobbit, which was quite good in parts and marvellously good in other parts.  The FW was pissed off (even though he did not want to see the film) and took daughter out for an Indian meal.  Whilst we had a cheapy macdonalds on the way home.  My brother drove us and was a bit grumpy about it, even though I paid for his ticket.  The FW goes to the pub every single night, but if I go out just once a year and eat out (macdonalds still counts as eating out in his mind) he will reward himself and take one of our kids too, then drop them home and go up the pub.  Which is interesting as daughter will go to pub with him now and again and eldest son will go about once a week or so.  But if I go out alone with one or more kids then that is wrong.  How, I am not clear, but that's the way it is.  He used to be like this when daughter was younger and we went out with friends.  He was working 6 days a weeks and didn't want to go out at all, but did not like me going out even during the day when he was at work, even if I sorted the meal out so that we could stay at the seaside longer (we did not have any holidays so a day at the beach was like a week in the south of France), he would make a fuss about phoning to ask what was going on.  Every time.

He is now saying he is going to sell his model railway stuff to 'pay the bills' .  That will be interesting to see.  If he makes say, £200, then he will probably give me £50 for a bill (which will be a small percentage of it) then have to keep the rest for himself.  Which is fair enough as it is his possessions he is selling, but if he did not go up the pub every night and a meal out every 5 or 6 weeks, then he would probably not need to sell his stuff.  I can't be bothered to explain any of this to him as he immediately does or thinks the opposite to what I say. 

I am going to try to be motivated to sell my stuff to pay off the credit card.  I don't owe that much really but I hate being in debt at all.  I have vintage dolls houses and furniture to sell and some pretty bric a brac (love that phrase!),  I need to try and organise my time and not spend so long reading blogs, even though it is my second favourite thing to do, the first favourite being crochet.  So I am off to crochet a baby shawl (in boring white, yuk) 'til I get sleepy.

Night y'all.

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