Tuesday, 23 July 2013

At the moment....

I am feeling ok at the minute -

Royal Baby - sigh

A seaside visit - yaaay

House cleaning - 'bout bloody time

Pending in-laws visit (birthday barbecue for Ma-in-law) - this is to be endured, we haven't entertained for a very long time, but I felt it churlish to say no in the circumstances.

Best friend going through a Very Tough time at the moment.

craaazy cat eyes (please to ignore cold 'stuff')   

sleeeepy cat eyes (the duvet looks nice - is tatty!)

scruffy bed - scruffier dog

I hope to write more about some of the above, the humidity is draining the little grey cells.

Not one, but three photos, just showing off now, larf.

Much love to all of you 'out there'



  1. Hi
    Bedding not tatty but very very pretty.Kitty beautiful even when they have moments of "assertiveness! lol and dogs as sweet as they are you know they cant help it! lol hope you feel a little less drained and the in-law visit is easy on your nerves.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for asking, I am a bit 'so-so', a few ups and lots of downs. In-laws visit went well(ish). Am waiting for the heat to die down a bit, then will try and catch up.
      Much love


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