Thursday, 19 September 2013


*whisper*   -   I might just write something, here are some pics to keep you busy.

yum, take two? yes indeedy.

Eastwell Manor, Kent - lush
this is from my only lovely day this summer, indeed this year.  The uber hot day at Broadstairs (with added sulking from the ones left at home even if they did not want to come but did not want me to go either) does not count.



  1. I'm baffled by that top photo of the afternoon tea. Who could possibly have eaten all the finger sandwiches before launching into the scones and cakes?

  2. We tried to be good girls and eat the savoury first, but truthfully, the filling in the sarnies were sparse to say the least.
    Mahoosive pot of tea though.....larf.
    (and a Very Posh wedding).

  3. Hope you had a really great day. The pictures are lovely.
    It's great to see you back


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