Thursday, 6 June 2013


Today I have surrendered a little.

Decided to 'go with the flow'.

Not make any plans, or have any ideas.

Just get on with stuff.

A little 'home blessing'

(If cleaning the side alley and cat litter box/space as 'home blessing' lol)

I have to stop fighting the need to be alone, me time, whatever it is called.

There are people in the house most of the time and they come and go at will, with no planning, so that I may organise myself to go out, or not. 

I am subdued a little, suppressed even.

Daughter is quite happy and that is good.

Middle son is ok and that is good too.

Eldest is the ever.

And The FW is still a fuckwit.



  1. Darling, I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said something along the line of this all women marry idiots I married there king! so looks like a FW is just that. Glad to hear the kids are well. one thing a relative did when life as she knew it was no longer working she decided to do what she wanted when she wanted It was within reason as she had small ish kids at the time and it worked I think they called it the broken record technique. take care of you no one will ever do it better . come here and let it all out we dont mind xxx

    1. Thanks for that, I went straight and googled it and the website I went to was 'Changing', which is very interesting. I am reading lots of info that lovely commenters have given me. I don't feel quite so alone.


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