Saturday, 15 June 2013


My five years are up and I have had a bout of flu.

I don't get ill very often and that's a good thing as I don't get cared for.

'Tho my daughter gave me her blanket for the sofa (whilst saying she wouldn't be using it again 'til after the exams 'cos of the germs!)  That girl channels her paternal grandmother -  if you had a slight headache she couldn't do enough for you but if you were dying of stomach bug or flu symptoms you died on your own.

The FW subconsciously does not make me tea or food when I am ill and is out of the house throughout the worst of it.  So it's a good job it's only every 5 years.

Here's a bit of news that would disturb the people who know me - I am not caring for Big Brother this year.  First time ever.  I am such a nosy person and I love people watching so I have always loved this show - even when it got more tacky and gross.  Although I haven't watched Celeb Big Bro for years, that's a step too far.

And I have lost my bloggy reading mojo.  Possibly because it is hard to see the beautiful places others live and their lovely walks and weekend breaks.  It is so hard when I have not left the house for more than 3 hours for the last 3 or 4 years (except for daughters hospital appointments).  This is not self pity (although it might be) this is fact.

Tomorrow is Father's Day and I will make the same amount of fuss as was made on Mother's Day. ie none.  I am sure the kids have sorted presents and cards for their dad and I will make the same roast dinner that I made on Mother's Day. 

The following day is my birthday and I have low expectations for that too.  The FW said he could manage a meal out at the local Harvester. yay.  It will be the usual Monday stuff.  Washing, ironing, clean out the cat poo! same, old same old...bring on the violins.


  1. Flu is no fun particularly if you have to go solo and look after yourself. happened to me once when I was house sitting. So pleased it is you Birthday , what I like about birthdays is you can be as selfish or not the choice is yours on how its spent. Some years I chose not to share it with anyone went off to a local park took a book and a flask. Take care of yourself keep going you are worth it. Hope you had a happy day xxx
    all the best

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    1. Hey John, good to see you here. I guess you are asking if I am going to write one. I finally found some words today.
      I liked the video of the elderly lady being interviewed (and finding her little dog) and being a little testy with the journalist when asked if she knew what had happened! Great expression on her face.
      Thanks for the comment.


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