Saturday, 10 March 2012

Scary, huh?

scary, huh?

Do I have anything to say?

I have always had a lot to chat about, but have never written a diary, tho I regret this as there is a lot I remember, and would like to remember - timescales/ incidents etc.

I don't have an interesting life like other bloggers I read, sometimes enviously, (not proud of this).  Some would say I have had an interesting life, but not in a good way.  

I deal with depression daily (I don't say 'suffer' - depression is me, in my genes and in my hormones).  I have never been to the doctor with this but may do in the near(?) future.  Who knows?  We shall see...

I love to laugh with my children and friends, enjoy music, books, 'good' tv (ahem also 'bad'), crochet, knitting (beginner), stitching (don't have the time or braincells at the moment), I have dolls houses but this hobby is evading me also, to my regret.

There are many details I may share with you or may not, this may be something or nothing, I don't know.  I am not talented or inspirational like Lucy at Attic24, Jacquie at Bunny Mummy, whose colours and tutorials I love and am working on at the moment.

I have a very full yarn bag (I still slip up and call it 'wool') - thanks to stylecraft and ebay, several projects on the go and at the moment neglecting my domestic life and creating blankets instead!

Love to all of you....

PS. I really don't want this to be a miseryfest but I do want to be honest.


  1. Hello, I'm waving at you! Just found you on Tabiboo's blog.

    If depression gets the better of you, you should go to the doctor who will be able to help you with medication, it is usually caused by a chemical imbalance.

    I look forward to reading your blog.

    1. Thank you, I have just found this page, and am now snivelling, sorry!
      My depression is also affected by hormones (buggery things)... I have been thinking of mentioning it to doc, but am scared of being labelled/pigeonholed, call it what you will. Am trying to find the words/time/energy to post again... I shall, I promise!!

  2. Happy blogging and big hello's from this side of Kent.

    1. Hiya, couldn't believe it when I recognised the stretch of beach in your of my 'lovely' places. Am determined to get there at some point! The big 50 is heading my way and haven't had a break (holiday or otherwise) for several years. I think I need to be selfish. I am only a few stops on the railway line away but it feels like Mars, lol! I will try and do a 'proper' post (I can think of a lot at 3 in the morning, but it all dissipates in daylight!).
      PS I read you thru Attic24, don't you just love Lucy!


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