Monday, 19 March 2012

Mother's Day Blues

Mother's Day Blues

Lord I love my kids, but yesterday Was Not GReat.
Made my own tea, went to cemetery for my mother, came back, prepped dinner, went to see mother in law with family for a short time (PiLs are elderly, father in law has alzheimers), came home opened presents on my own (couldn't stand the thought of opening them 'in public', cooked mini roast (I certainly wasn't going for a bloody great dinner/pudding etc... bugger that), cleaned up, made more tea and watched Pride and Prejudice again!!! whilst crocheting daughter's stripe (lovely Lucy Attic 24 inspired) blanket, watched Dancing on Ice/Orbit, went to bed thinking 'thank god that's over for another year'.  
Am I a miserable bitch?

Nuff respect for all treasured mummies out there ....


PS explanations are prob needed re husband (I need to think what to call him...FW for F***Wit maybe... hmmmm).

PPS ES - eldest son, YS - younger son, PD - precious daughter, SS - Step son

PPPS - Got the big 50 on the horizon, wonder what joys that will bring!

PPPPS - Yep.... miserable bitch


  1. just read your comment over at Victoria's and wanted to add to the other comments heading in your direction!
    Don't be confused - your blog is your own space - and if being completely honest is your outlet then that's exactly what it should be.
    Mine is more often the fluffy variety (!) and I often wish I hadn't told my friends and family I write it - there's nowhere to hide! It's also linked to my business - so I'm conscious that my customers (and hopefully future customers) are also reading - it puts a different slant on things.
    Everyone's blog is different - written and read for all sorts of reasons. If I feel like looking at pretty pictures I head over to one place, if I need grounding or to read that someone understands my nightmare boys I head somewhere else.
    Stay as you are...and be glad you kept it more private!
    fee x

  2. ooh ps - there's quite alot of dead animals over at mine...just thought I should give you a heads up!!!
    (our pig ate a whole chicken last week!)

  3. Hi Susan
    Thanks for your comment on my blog post. I have replied in the comments section, but just thought to follow your link here also. I'm sorry if I confused you. I think you should carry on blogging and write what you want to write! My default setting is 'miserable bitch' and, for me, blogging is a way to escape that and focus on the positive. I truly am a glass half-empty person at heart. But, for you, blogging may mean something different and be your place to vent. Please don't let my post put you off.
    My husband asked if I'd like to eat out on mother's day and I said no. Frankly, it's more of a treat not to go to a restaurant with 2 youngish children and if that makes me a miserable cow I don't care! There is depression running through my family's genes too. So, although not experiencing it myself, I know it can be hard to live with.
    I do hope you'll continue to blog.


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