Sunday, 12 August 2012

The amoubt of posts I have written in the shower.......

I am so pants at doing this, I write stuff in my head all the time, walking the dog, in the shower etc, then don't follow through and get them down 'on the keyboard'. sorry. so much has happened, and I read a lot, I mean a lot of blogs, of all shapes and sizes and I love them so much, and I comment occasionally.
I am writing this in bed right now, am sleepy and a long way away from the hub so not sure what will happen when i hit 'publish', let's see shall we ?
sue x

ps feeling a bit better lately, tho that could change with no warning, I may see doc to get officially diagnosed but after thirty years of living with depression, who really cares, and what difference would it make?

pps, am also busy, or thinking about being busy and therefore not getting anything done 'sigh'.


  1. Susan, what a lovely lady you are!!
    I've just found you through 'Isabella's' blog..(manic defense against ??..)and read your blog from the begining...

    Your honesty is so re-freshing in blogland! And the name for your husband (FW) has cracked me up.
    Neither your kids nor your husband deserve you, you know that don't you??

    I read in one of your earlier posts that you were thinking of going to the Drs. Have you been yet my lovely? Maybe they might be of good, or maybe they'll be useless, (you know what Drs are like!). But at least you would have tried!

    Take care dear lady, and try not to let 'em get you down!!

    Love n hugs to you,
    Donna x

  2. Thanks Donna, I was hoping my honesty was not going to offend anyone, I am a Gemini (for those that consider astrology interesting) and therefore have a dual personality - so I am funny, chatty, interesting, positive and lively (and a leedle bit crazy) etc OR dull, boring, miserable, negative etc, depends on the day (am also indecisive - see below).
    No haven't been to docs yet, hard to get appt and on days when bad they are full and days are good I 'don't need to go' and therefore don't make appt. *sigh*.
    You are right FW doesn't deserve me but my kids are for the most part great, just young and thoughtless. I have joked about birthday with Son No 2 and his girlfriend (yaaay he has a nice girl - I like her, she hugs me!!), so that let it out a bit.
    Thank you Donna, I needed that.

    PS I also speak in brackets too - larf.
    PPS - ok I promise, guides honour, I will post more.


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