Thursday, 31 May 2012

Just found this post hiding in the draft list or...... 'feelin' better despite the rain' post

Despite the crappin' greyness of the weather I am feeling a bit more positive;

A lot has happened/been discussed/chatted about :

>I drank a bit and danced a lot at my friend's 50th do - thanks nessie & co
>I chatted to BF and decided to do something about my own next month
>I decided to discuss/air certain matters to FW instead of clammin up when he talks bullsh*t
>I have started to get back to domestic duties a bit more
>Met a primary school mummy (our kids are in Yr 10 now) and am going to teach her to crochet (it will be nice to have a friend with a shared interest)
>Decided to wear jeans instead of my usual 'baggy flumpers' (baggy cos they are and I flump around in them, larf) simply because I look less old ladyish (they are elasticated waist, jersey style trousers from an older ladies catalogue - why - well I am short and plumpish and it is hard to get clothes that fit me, are comfortable and don't break the bank *sigh*...anyway I have been given another pair of jeans so have no excuse

Oooops hit the wrong button and published instead of previewed! As you can tell it wasn't finished and was written on 3 May.  Anyway I will leave it as it is as it will explain how I felt that day and that I have written but I am a bit 'dithery' and quite often start things and then walk away to think about it/or make tea, you choose!  Now I have to leave and walk the dog so here I go again!!


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  1. Hi - I am glad you are feeling a little more positive. I hope it grows. Lily. xxx


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