Friday, 6 April 2012

Interesting Times - Not!

Have had a few better/lighter days recently and appreciated them very much.  Yesterday met up with a friend in local cafe to hand over pennies for her 50th birthday thingy (she is paying half and we the guests are paying half) - at least she has the gumption to arrange something.  We are all 50 this year and a few years ago I genuinely felt ok about being older....but now, not so much.  I think there is going to be a stretch limo, yike! It's dressy up time and a soul/motown 'nite'.  I hope please please god to be in an ok mood.  Our other friend's do supposedly around the time of mine and anothers birthday I may have to say no and let them down as I really can't afford it.  I have been poor more times than I have not, but this time really sucks! 

Today am getting over a difference of opinion with my son last night  -  now this NEVER happens usually, it was so silly, nothing really, but he spoke to me like I was one of his internet debaters and got very loud very quickly, then stomped off after his dad stuck his oar in (against me, he loves it when the kids talk .  I was quite shocked and my eldest son was cross and surprised but didn't say anything.  So I have stayed out of everyone's way, did some long needed tidying in the eaves space, then watched High Society upstairs (note to self need to think about digital soon).  Asked son to cook chinese meal for dinner (his usual thing) when I said you sure he sort of tutted/gasped at me...I shut the door quick.  I hope this goes away soon, I don't like it. 

Happy Easter, if you're out there.

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