Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Interesting Updates.......

So, middle boy gave me (for £50 smackers) his 'old' ipad thingamjig.

and i am now on instagram (Dollyclothespeg62). 

when i learn how to use the dang thing 

and add it to this stuff i'll let you know.

(if you care lol)

i also have my daughter's old laptop (huuuuuge) as well as this little ideapad get me with a whole bunch o' stuff that i barely know how to use.

what larks, pip



  1. Woo! Really up on the technology now! When I get a new electronic device it takes me forever to learn how to use it. My children laugh at me! Look forward to seeing your posts on here and will follow you on instagram x

  2. Thanking you muchly, I am a bit sparse postywise because of real life hooha crap, (an people being at home crampin my style). I have something I should have written about yesterday with photo but other stuff took over and so re-thinking.
    Anyhoobles, welcome to the madhouse. x

  3. Replies
    1. lol, I'm still only looking at the instagram and 'hearting' / commenting a bit. I don't know anything else or the etiquette etc.It was mainly to take part in the Vanessa Cabban tribute but was too late for that, which is a shame.


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