Monday, 16 March 2015

I like elephants, I do.....

these are origami elephants, if you click you might get a better picture.

This is what my daughter made me for Mother's Day as well as a beautiful painted card.

It was a pretty good day, better than previous years.

I'm off early in morning to clean three stables on my own, let's hope Indigo hasn't peed an ocean or pooped a mountain, the other two, being older are a lot cleaner and do it in one corner usually, anyway three barrow loads of cr*p, hey ho.


  1. What a lovely gift.

  2. Hi Susan,

    Rachel Radio Star sent me a message to say you'd been in touch: my new blog is at...
    Pop on over x x x

  3. You will possibly be surprised - nay, shocked - to get a comment from a 2015 post, but I don't know any other way of contacting you.
    You mentioned on John Gray's blog, 'Going Gently' that you wanted to find Ramber's blog . . well, that's me! Rambler! I ramble (in more ways than one) and I am at
    I've read some of your posts and feel that you could do with someone outside your immediate family to natter to. It would be good to enjoy coffee together at a nice little coffee shop but as I live in Cornwall, I'm guessing that might be a physical impossibility.
    Hope to see you soon within 'Rosie's Ramblings'. xx


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