Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A Much Better Birthday

I am incredibly tired so this may be a bit scrappy......

Cutty Sark 

The Painted Hall
Painted ceiling in the Chapel of Ss Peter and Paul Old Royal Navel College

We went to Greenwich, The FW, Me, Eldest Boy and The Daughter.

All were well behaved.

We had a  shortish boat trip which I loved and The Daughter was unsure of.

I had lots of cards (unusual) including a "Sister in Law" from The FWs sister - a first in 32 years (I'm in, people) but none from Best Friend.

Chocolates, flowers, ambrosia choc custard (my fave), moneyz, amazon 'givoutchers', a jewellery hangy thing (lol no jewels left, all sold) and a coffee mug/cake plate.  In the Greenwich market I bought a vintage tin and little #vintage brooch.

We ate at Frankie & Bennys cos that seemed the easiest thing to do as we were StARVing.

The Most Beautiful Painted By My Daughter Painting ever in the whole wide world best present ever ever ever! (phew). I will add photo later as camera full.

that's all for now, need to watch Big Brother (don't hate me)


PS 1 - My photography is not great, just snaps/reminders of the day.
PS 2 - The FW will mention, maybe not today, but maybe tomorrow how much he spent (he always does, I'm used to this)
PS 3 - Disappointed in Best Friend - what can I say?
PS 4 - crocheting like a loon to make enough stuff for half a stall at the Artists in the Woods in Faversham (oops, a clue to my whereabouts!)
PS5 - Parking £2.50 an hour WTFF


  1. I would like to go to Greenwich for a day out. I have a friend in the market there selling felted pictures? I'm glad everyone behaved themselves, perhaps days out are the way forwards! You had some nice things, strange about the BF? perhaps she's bogged under! Heather x

  2. Bless you, for the kind thought about BF. Even when my life has crashed around me I have always contacted her (in the ambulance on the way to A&E a couple of times!).
    I think it's out of sight out of mind, and we have been out of sight 90% of the last 3 years, tho she only lives 15 mins walk/3mins car distance, but is away a lot.
    She cannot wait to move away with new(ish) boyfriend.
    I may have seen the felted pics, but was distracted with shiny things!!


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